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Zeal and Sutainability

Zeal is more than an eyewear company. Their core beliefs are use less, give back, explore more. They use plant based materials in all of their lenses and frames to show how to reuse materials in an innovative way. Zeal is excited to have partnered with Mazzucchelli acetate to have developed the first biodegradable sunglass! Mazzuchelli is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of Cellulose Acetate, a plastic material, used in making eyeglasses. The Mazzucchelli factories were established in 1849 and widely known for their quality craftsmanship, and innovation.

Zeal, also known for their craftsmanship, feels as though you do not need to sacrifice the way you look for the way you live. They are constantly working on the artform of sustainability. Their new frame "Ace" is completely biodegradable. They are using a new cotton resin that makes this frame completely biodegradable in 18 months. The innovative material developed between Zeal and Mazzucchelli in named M49. Mazzucchelli is excited to have partnered with Zeal and their passion to change the future of eyewear.

Zeal sees that global warming is a huge problem, and conventional plastics are a big contributing factor. They are working on different solutions for their eyewear. Not only do they have the biodegradable Ace frame, they have 4 other frames that make up the See Grass collection. These frames that are made from recycled bottles, bio gas, and grass fibers, with plant based lenses. They are extremely durable with a unique look. These 4 frames make up the See Grass collection. A unique material that pairs with their plant based Ellume polarized lenses. They are extremely durable with a unique look. polarized lenses.

Zeal Aspen

Zeal Divide

Zeal Northwind

Zeal Calistoga

Come join us this Friday July 8, from 4:00pm to 7:00pm for the Zeal trunk show and check out their newest lens. The Auto Sun lenses are still plant based but and polarized and photochromatic!

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