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Our Office

Our Office

Artisan Optical is a locally owned and operated optometry office that opened its doors January 4th, 2022.  Dr. Jensen wanted to open an eye care office that provided personalized care by removing the barriers between doctors and their patients. His solution was to join the Direct Care movement which allows for doctors to spend more time with their patients by removing the restrictions that many insurance companies place on in-network optometrists.

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Our optometry office was founded on the belief that the highest standards of quality should be applied to all aspects of eye care. We believe that vision exams need to be comprehensive and personalized to each patient.  Having up to 60 minutes with the doctor helps us ensure that our patients are receiving the care that they deserve. Our DRS retinal image is included with
every annual exam to aid in getting a baseline of ocular health and to help diagnose eye disease as early as possible. Earlier diagnoses can lead to better prognoses for our patients.

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Our standards of quality extend to our eyewear, in which we only provide the finest, hand-selected frames and lenses. We believe in the quality of our eyewear and offer a one or two year warranty for all of our frames and lenses
at no additional cost. We support independent frame designers from around the world and provide a wide selection of unique and stylish frames for everyone.

Our motto is Service Never Goes Out Of Style, which begins by taking the time to listen to the needs and concerns of our patients. Our goal is to never rush any exam or eyewear purchase to ensure that all your questions have
been thoroughly answered. This helps us establish trusting relationships will all of our patients.

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We are truly dedicated to you and your vision needs!
Schedule an appointment today by calling 720.591.2141 or book online with the button below.

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