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Why are IOT lenses different?

At Artisan Optical our lens company of choice is IOT. IOT is an independent lens manufacturer that originated in Spain. In 2010, IOT setup headquarters for North America in Southern California and partnered with Younger Optics. They pioneered the Camber Technology, which puts the base curves of the lens in the most ideal place on the front and the back of the lens. This allows the highest level of clarity for viewing through the lens. They have some of the most advanced technologies that they apply to single vision lenses, office lenses and progressive lenses.

IOT makes 3 types of single vision lenses. The Endless Single Vision lenses are optimized for everyday life. Using the digital technology allows the prescription to be precise and optimized for your frame and your face. The next lens is the Endless Anti-Fatigue Single Vision lenses which has a small increase in near power customized for each patient. This is helpful for long periods of time in front of a screen that can cause eye strain, blurred vision, headaches, and dry eyes. Endless Drive Single Vision lenses are the third type of single vision lens IOT offers. This technology makes all your peripheral vision as clear as possible, while also providing a zone in the lens to optimize vision for driving. Your vision can change from day to night and the IOT Endless Drive lenses compensate for the fluctuation in vision changes while driving.

IOT offers several different office lenses designed for your needs. Every office layout is different and every person’s visual needs for their occupation is different. The Endless Office Lenses can be tailored to you. As we have seen a rise in remote work, our presbyopic patients are realizing that a full progressive does not work well when using them in different office environments. The top of the office lenses can be designated to see from to 6 meters away to 1.3 meters away and have your reading at the bottom of the lens. Depending whether you have dual monitors, are an architect and need to get your full vision at the top when looking at design plans, or you need to see across the room in a board meeting, we can find the right office lens to fit your work day.

With IOT's full progressive lens technology the possibilities are endless. They have sport, pilot, and a wide array of progressives to be custom fit for whatever you are looking for. Their Sport Progressive lenses maximize your peripheral vision no matter the prescription or the frame. The Pilot Progressive lenses have the intermediate in two places, the middle and the very top of the lens so the Pilot can see the gauges above them. There are hundreds of progressives for daily wear; finding the right one for you is dependent on lifestyle, prescription, and frame.

IOT has light reactive lenses with their neochromes technology. All of the materials they use are the highest quality and pair with most any of your top anti-reflective coatings. Call today for your appointment with Dr. Jensen to get the perfect prescription, and work with Alicia to find your perfect frame to try IOT lenses!

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