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L.A. Eyeworks Amortini

It is that time, Pride Month! L.A. Eyeworks joined Barton Perreira and Blake Kuwahara to design a frame for Pride. The new color for this limited edition frame is perfectly named Ultraplume. Only 200 frames were manufactured, so it is limited and currently available at Artisan Optical! The colorful oversized cleaning cloth gives a nod to the independent project partners, who issued their own designs to the initiative.

Proceeds from the sale of AMORTINI will benefit the vital Senior Services programs of the Los Angeles LGBT Center. This is not the first time L.A. Eyeworks has made a frame and donated it's proceeds. In 2017 they joined a collective design initiative of the Council of Fashion Designers of America and created the Bosco frame in Two Blues and it's proceeds went for breast cancer awareness.

L.A. Eyeworks will continue their message to love one another in the future we are sure of it. The Amortini frame for them represents another step towards the dream of uncensored visions. To honor and celebrated the wide spectrum of individual and communal expressions of identity in all their diverse, colorful glory! We are excited to be walking in the pride parade this year to support the same message, Love One Another! We see all people as beautiful!

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