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Flex Spending/Health Savings Accounts

It’s that time! With your flex spending accounts about to expire, come in and use your flex dollars at Artisan Optical before you lose them. Many people ask what products and services are eligible to put on their FSA/HSA accounts. Here are the top 3.

1.) Your annual eye exam is very important and can be charged to your FSA/HSA account. Even if you do not wear prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses, your annual eye exam can help detect systemic disease. Here at Artisan Optical, Dr. Jensen takes the time to look at the overall health of the front and the back of the eye. There are many conditions of the eye that may need treatment outside of corrective lenses and it is best to catch them early.

2.) Prescription eyeglasses are a great way to spend your pre-taxed dollars. Whether a slight prescription or a strong prescription, your FSA/HSA account is where to send the bill. The eyewear can be clear, sunglass, or a have photochromatic lenses. We have glasses specific to your work environment whether it be a computer pair or a safety pair. We have prescription goggles for any of your mountain sports as well. Stop into Artisan Optical to see how we can help frame your face with the latest trends, and fashion forward styles. We have frames that are artsy and fun, clean and minimal and environmentally friendly. Come in and see how you can dare to be different in your new frames.

3.) Prescription contact lenses are another way to spend your Flex money. A great way to maximize your savings is to partner with us here at Artisan Optical and get your annual exam and order a year supply of contacts. Our vendors give additional rebates to private practices to get you more money back when you order a bulk supply. Some manufacturers will give a rebate on less than a year supply. We can charge your flex account and the rebate dollars would come directly back to you!

Check with your specific flex or health savings account, often we can charge over the counter readers, blue light glasses, and non-prescription sunglasses to your flex money.

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