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Direct Care

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

There’s a new trend in healthcare, called the Direct Care Movement. The Direct Care Movement strives to improve healthcare by putting doctors and patients back together, no longer separated by the insurance company.

What is direct care?

Direct Care is a relationship between a healthcare provider and a patient that does not involve intermediaries such as insurance companies.

We are seeing this model is all forms of healthcare. There was a times article written back in 2017 that explains in more depth the benefits of direct care. It comes from a surgery center that discovered the benefits of direct care.

In optometry specifically, most insurance companies provide little to no reimbursement. They also can dictate what products to sell in your office, in regards to frames, lenses and contact lenses. We are here to offer unique, quality, independent brands and the best lenses at fair low prices. We are still a medical office, allowing you to use and FSA or HSA accounts you might have. We are also able to pull up your out of network reimbursement on most vision insurance plans, and help you file for your benefit.

Routine vision insurances contract discounted rates with providers. When you pay a monthly premium as a member of a routine vision insurance, you are paying the insurance company for discounts essentially with the doctor. The insurances get more money, the doctor's get less money, and the doctor patient time together is shortened. Eye doctors end up having to see twice as many patient's, as there is little reimbursement. Eye doctors end up charging additional copays for scans and testing to help bridge the gap. Dr. Jensen dedicates a full hour for his exam's. This allows him to do all necessary testing, and answer in detail all questions you will have about your eyes, and vision. He pride's himself in being thorough, and taking his time with each exam.

Alicia takes the time to custom fit eyewear tailored to you. We carry independent frame lines at Artisan Optical that are made of the best materials and craftsmanship. We are not limited to certain manufacturers when it comes to the lenses, materials, and coatings. We simply want to make sure you are fit correctly in what helps you see the best, look the best, and feel the best!

Come in and see us at Artisan Optical, where service never goes out of style!

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