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Happy Anniversary to Artisan Optical!

Happy New Year everyone! In addition to celebrating the optimism a new year brings, Artisan Optical is celebrating its one year anniversary today! Alicia and I want to express our most heartfelt gratitude for every person that has entrusted us with their eyecare in 2022. Not only do we appreciate your willingness to support our business; all of you took time to understand our mission and our passion. The optical industry and healthcare overall are changing. As both providers of healthcare and consumers of healthcare ourselves, we see it from both sides. We personally have experienced the frustration of trying to navigate the complexities of our healthcare system, and that is why we conduct ourselves differently at Artisan Optical. We have chosen to make YOU our priority. We will give you honest, straight-forward answers, and we will not limit your choices to what an insurance policy requires. Most importantly, we will do what doctors and their staff are supposed to do; take care of people and look out for their best interests to the full extent of our abilities.

I feel now more than ever people are longing for trust. Trust from our leaders, trust from our media, and trust from one another. My pledge for 2023 and beyond is to be an eyecare provider you can trust and to work tirelessly every day to live up to the expectations we have established.

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